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Our History
Celebrating 82 years!

Tappahannock Memorial United Methodist Church began in 1937 as Mouzon Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, South.  The name was selected to honor Bishop Edwin DuBose Mouzon, who died suddenly when the church was being planned.  The original congregation met in various locations during the early years and in 1939 construction of its current building began. 

Often referred to as the “Miracle Church” services were finally held in June 1940 in the basement of the new church building.  This was a true miracle because when construction started the congregation only has $166.44; equivalent to about $2,500 in today’s money.  Materials from an abandoned church and bricks dating back to colonial times were used in the original construction; along with the hard work and perseverance of church members to continue fund raising efforts to complete the church.  And prayers, lots and lots of prayers.  In June 1941 services formally inaugurated in our current sanctuary. In 1962 the church building was expanded at the rear of the original building and in 2008 additional classrooms and a meeting space was added. 

The Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church merged to form the United Methodist Church in 1968.  The name Tappahannock Memorial Methodist Church was adopted at that time. 

Tappahannock Memorial is committed to serving the Tappahannock community by reaching out to youth and their families especially those who are impoverished and under-served.  Over the years the church has been a major partner participating in events such as Operation in as Much, Fishin’ Fun Club, the Live Nativity, and the Christmas Parade to name a few. 

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